Apartment Max

The newly redesigned attic apartment in Munich's Maxvorstadt was structured, designed, and equipped according to the wishes and requirements of a newlywed couple.

Client: Private


Location: München


Completion: 2020


Photos: Bianca Keck Fotografie

The natural appearance of the apartment stems from the white-oiled oak parquet flooring and custom-built furniture, which create zones in the space while optimizing the use of residual areas, like those under the sloping ceiling. A special accent was added by highlighting one of the homeowner's family heirlooms, a wall tapestry which harmonizes with the colors of the existing kitchen. It serves as a backrest in the seating area, an acoustic absorber and eye-catcher.

Through the use of natural materials and surfaces, the open living area creates a simple and inviting atmosphere.

In the bedroom and living room, a refined, seamless concrete look was created using gray and beige-tinted Beton Ciré, creating a cozy environment.

A dressing area reminiscent of a boutique was integrated into the bedroom for the fashion-loving homeowners. A dark-tinted glass panel separates this area from the bed, adding a subtle touch of privacy while still allowing glimpses into the sleeping area.

The avilable space in the guest room is optimally utilized through precisely fitted carpentry solutions.