Working in Clouds

Light blue represents public areas that serve as a means of exchange between external and internal stakeholders and visualize immersion into the Personio world.

Hanging chairs in the lobby invite you to swing.
Personio Lobby mit Baristatresen
The main entrance to the Personio world is showcased through a large lobby featuring its own barista. It is used as a workspace and serves as the gateway to the new working areas.

Continuous growth is crucial for the Munich-based startup, Personio. This leads to a holistic spatial program that can be equally applied in all locations. Based on Personio's corporate identity, we have developed a modular room system. This system follows a coding system based on color and materiality. It enables employees to know where they are and how to use the respective spaces.

Light blue • Transfer
Light blue • Transfer
Anthracite • Work
Anthracite • Work
Yellow • Breakout
Grey • Work
Cashmere • Communicate

The conceptual basis of the design lies in creating monolithic objects that do not prescribe a specific function.

Employees can take ownership of the object themselves and assign it a specific use. This allows for a continuous change in various spatial situations and moods, promoting the interaction between people and the space.










2019 / 2022

Planning Partner:

Stenger2 Architekten


Daniel Schäfer

Lukas Schramm

Andreas Graf


Philipp Roth


Studio Gianni+


Eingangsbreich - Raumdesign
Innenarchitektur Cafe
Offene Büroplanung
Entscheidungsfindung im Raumdesign
Optimal genutzter Platz durch Anforderungsanalyse
Offene Arbeitsplätze
Personio Grundriss

The floor coverings extend seamlessly from the open workspace into the meeting rooms, creating a calm, monochromatic color scheme in those areas.

The light gray area, combined with anthracite-colored elements, alludes to flexible work situations. The meeting and project rooms, on the other hand, are designed in cashmere colors. In addition to the color scheme, playful elements in neon yellow are integrated to enable employees to have active work breaks.

Tisch mit zwei Stühlen

Some furniture was coated with the rubber flooring to ensure their durability and sustainability.

The flooring extends over the monoliths emerging from the ground

Personio Open Space
Flexdesks are advantageous in continuously growing or structurally changing departments because there are no fixed workstations. For this reason, the different departments have the same equipment.