Personio Kitchen

Personio´s Favorite Spots

The "favorite spots" are intended to provide employees of the continuously growing startup with an alternative option to the traditional canteen while also revalueating the "Rundfunkplatz" in Munich's city center as a public café.

Long counter in Personio blue

Our design concept is based on a thorough analysis of various user groups and the resulting space requirements. In doing so, we have integrated the favorite spots of five different groups of people into the design.

User group analysis

The "Favorite Spots" include a variety of very inviting areas: a stylish coffee lounge with cozy seating steps, a modern co-working area with a spacious high table, and a bar with a long counter for quick to-go orders. Additionally, there are both, traditional restaurant seating indoors and on a spacious outdoor terrace. An advanced technology and sound system creates the perfect atmosphere for business meetings and informal gatherings, meeting the needs of the analyzed user groups.

Interior Design eines Gastronomiebetriebs
Innenarchitektur München
Sitzecke im Cafè
Cafè in München
Gastronomie Design
Café Design

The design concept is primarily inspired by the CI-colors. In this context, Personio blue, represented by tiles and oiled wooden surfaces, in combination with cream and beige tones on the walls, upholstery, and furniture made from natural materials, forms the visual basis of the space design.


Personio Kitchen






Bianca Keck Fotografie



Ca. 220 sqm

To give the venue an urban context, elements and surfaces reflecting an urban atmosphere are incorporated.

Möbeldesign für Café München

To create an exciting material contrast, we use custom-made furniture made from grating in combination with plants and concrete surfaces as a counterpart to wood and natural textiles.

The tiles with abstract polygonal patterns and the derived shapes of the backrest cushions are a thematic and visual representation of urban life and the Urban Jungle concept.

Lichtkonzept für Café
Geflieste Küchen
Blauer gefließter Tresen im Café
Loungebereich mit Sitzmöbeln