Air Up

Sense and Simplicity

Air Up encourages drinking clear water while still experiencing fresh flavor. The Air Up drinking bottle is complemented by various scent pods, which, through scent alone, manage to simulate different flavors. The interior of the building also reflects innovation and ingenuity in the young company. Creativity is stimulated through flexible and playful work. Overall, the concept is derived from the colorfulness and material of the product.


Air Up





Square Meters:

3.536 qm



Ca. 150+






Andreas Graf

Lukas Schramm



Studio Gianni+


The ground floor belongs to the Break Out Zone. In this zone, the product, the AirUp drinking bottle, is interpreted. Designed modules, for example, resemble the mouthpiece of the bottle and serve as seating and a meeting point for colleagues.

Creative, playful work is discussed in the Idea Hub. All senses are to be addressed here. Colorfulness becomes a theme here, creating exciting spatial situations through color blocking. In theory, all five types of rooms could be traversed consecutively in a workshop.

Idea Hub

Room of Sound
Room of Scent
Room of Contact
Room of Vision
Room of Taste

The Room of Contact serves for inspiration and includes an oversized seat cushion. In the Room of Sound, people sit across from each other at a square, low table and can confront each other with their new ideas. The Room Scent is for calming down and allowing thoughts to circulate. The Room of Analysis encourages agile work and brainstorming through its proportions and large writing board. The Room of Taste can be individually configured for different work situations in small groups.

Different areas in the company require different working methods. These are defined depending on the arrangement of tables and curtains. The workspace is divided into various areas.

Thinking Zone
Talking Zone
Collaboration Zone
Infinite Mumbling Zone

The Thinking Zone allows for quiet work. Telephone booths are used for phone calls. The Talking Zone is designed as a four-person bench. Brief exchanges are allowed here. In the Collaboration Zone, work can be done together in groups at a large table. Many calls are made in the Infinite Mumbling Zone. Therefore, the work islands are shielded with acoustic walls.

Die Nutzung der Fokusräume, Besprecher und Meetingräume wird durch Farbigkeit vorgegeben. Hier werden die CI Farben Plum, Tangerine und Lychee gespielt, die sich von den Geschmacksrichtungen der Pods ableiten.

Throughout the building, one finds custom designed acrylic furniture that recalls the translucent character of the bottle.