Laissez-faire - let it be done.

The headquarters of the company Planisware is located in Paris. The Munich location is also set to establish a company branch that exudes the charm of a French city and inspires employees to take initiative.

Next to the reception area, you'll find the "Plaza," an open co-working space with a pantry, designed to serve as a meeting point for the entire office. A bit further away, there is the pantry, inspired by a Parisian bistro. This is where the idea for using leaning furniture for a quick espresso or a brief meeting instead of conventional bistro chairs and tables comes from.

In the rear office area, there is a traffic-calmed zone reminiscent of a city park, designed as an urban jungle with seating steps and green plants weaving through the space.

The spatial concept is directly derived from an urban context. The central zone reflects the atmosphere of public squares in a city. This zone offers both quieter and livelier areas. Fire safety regulations necessitated the integration of the existing building structure into the design concept. This results in offices arranged in a cellular structure, which is opened up by open doors and transitions into flowing New Work areas.

The Open Space facing the street could be designed as a new component, open and embracing the advantages of a young and dynamic neighborhood. This area is intended to break away from the existing office structures and incorporates New Work elements like phone booths.

The choice of colors and materials is based on the Corporate Identity color and a beechwood- tone from existing furniture pieces, which are being reused in the new space for sustainability reasons. These elements are combined with a new color palette, creating a harmonious connection between Corporate Identity, the existing building and furniture as well as fresh color accents.

Long corridor with wall unit - rounded wood

Surface design with wood

Room with acoustic panels and chairs

Room acoustics planning

Wardrobe element made of wood

Interior Design out off wood

Sofa with partition in front

Seating area in harmonious color scheme

Single workstation with chair and acoustic solution

Workplace design

Sitting area with stone tables and chairs

Exclusive lounge design

Elegant sitting area with couch

Seat element furniture design

This creates a pleasant and creative working environment for customer-centric development of strategies and innovations, which, through their diversity, caters to the various activities of the employees








Laila Auburger